If you had to narrow down the top three things Adam Baruh loves most in the world it would have to be: travel, family, and a nice bottle of chianti. He loves everything about travel. He loves landing in a new city, not knowing any of the language, and trying to figure out how to get on the train. He loves walking around open markets in new places he has never been to. He has traveled by himself and has traveled with others. Just being in new places is the thrill for him!

While he has lived in some remote tropical places where nature dominates over people, his favorite places are old sleepy towns in Europe filled with cobblestone streets, narrow alleys, and laundry hung to dry on lines strung over the streets. He enjoys taking time to sip his caffe latte while watching the energy of the world moving around him.

With over 16 years of hands-on and management NetSuite experience, Adam is the CEO of SuiteCentric, a NetSuite consulting company. He is a creative and well-rounded technical leader with a unique blend of engineering, functional and architectural perspectives, and expertise. Adam’s solid foundation of NetSuite experience was initially built on 5+ years of engineering robust SuiteCloud automations, custom portals, and applications, as well as SuiteTalk web services integrations and complex data migrations. As a thoughtful and determined problem-solver, Adam delivers the extra drive and vision that ensures solutions maximize client benefits.

Adam has also been a NetSuite customer, serving as lead developer/architect for a highly customized and complex SuiteCommerce Advanced implementation that required a variety of integrations, SSO, and APIs.

Based in San Diego, CA, Adam wishes to get into the gym a bit more to keep up with his four kids. Adam was also an international wedding photographer having photographed over 200 weddings spread between the US, Latin America, and Europe.

Adam is also the CEO of EIQ Media LLC, a podcast production company. He is also the host of “The Change” Podcast, amplifying the voice of servant leaders working to normalize the mental health conversation and build more empathy into business. 

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