Season 5, Episode 8: Intuitive Medium tells NDE story of being LOCKED IN UNPLUGGED FREEZER at 4 years old

July 9th, 2024|How I Made It Through, Podcasts|

Welcome to Season 5, Episode 8 of "How I Made It Through," hosted by Kristin Taylor and Ray Catania. In this enlightening episode, we sit down with Susan Grau, an acclaimed author, inspirational speaker, soul healer, grief expert, and globally recognized intuitive medium. Susan shares her extraordinary journey, beginning with a near-death experience (NDE) at the tender age of

Season 5, Episode 7: Connect to your ANCESTORS and understand your own TRAUMA

June 25th, 2024|How I Made It Through, Podcasts|

Host Kristin Taylor welcomes Bernadette Thompson, a gifted intuitive, ancestral healer, and grief coach. Bernadette takes us on a profound journey through her personal story of spiritual awakening and the transformative power of ancestral healing. She shares how her connection with her ancestors provided guidance and support during her husband's battle with alcoholism and subsequent passing. Bernadette explains the

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