Season 4, Episode 10: Learning to INFLUENCE THE WORLD

February 13th, 2024|How I Made It Through, Podcasts|

In this enlightening episode of "How I Made It Through," host Kristin Taylor engages in a profound conversation with Rev. Bill McDonald, a spiritual teacher and author who has survived numerous near-death experiences and a combat tour in Vietnam. Rev. McDonald shares his journey of self-discovery, the importance of love and forgiveness, and his mission to help others change

Season 4, Episode 9: BIG SECRETS are to be REVEALED

February 6th, 2024|Beyond The Microphone, Podcasts|

In this powerful episode of "How I Made It Through," host Kristin Taylor sits down with Eric Taylor, an intuitive astrologer and multifaceted coach, to discuss his harrowing journey through a life-threatening encounter with COVID-19, the loss of his mother, and the profound spiritual awakening that followed. Eric shares insights from his near-death experience (NDE), the battles he

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