Chris Hatfield is the Founder of Sales & My Psyche. His inspiration for Sales Psyche started from a passion and pain. A passion for wanting to impact and reach as many sales reps and leaders as possible, to help equip them with a better understanding of how to develop their mindset and mental well-being. 

The pain side of things stemmed from suffering from anxiety severely since he started his sales career; doing door to door sales, 100% commission based, you can’t really pick a more stressful and anxious first sales job. 

But that anxiety, the thoughts, and feelings that came with it, led Chris to want to understand more about how to utilize the mind. In sales, it can be our greatest strength, but also our biggest threat. He began to learn how it could serve, rather than sabotage me. 

This evoked the drive and focus in Chris that he wants to bring to every Sales Psyche Member they work with. 

​Chris has an Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice (AC Accredited) and 14+ years in sales & leadership roles. He is also Mental Health First Aid Trained as well as a Contributor to the ISM Stress in Sales Survey 2018.

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