Chris Lippincott is an international spiritual medium and bestselling author whose evidential readings and unique information from spirit helps transform people’s lives. Through his mediumship, Chris provides comfort, healing and knowledge that our loved ones in spirit are alive and well and still care about us.

It’s Chris’ mission to help raise the spiritual awareness and consciousness of humanity through his mediumship, authorship and teaching. Using his trance mediumship, Chris shares spirit’s healing messages with the world. It is his goal to bring this love and healing to the world using spirit’s words. Chris also teaches the fundamentals of mediumship to those on their spiritual journey. Chris has trained with some of the world’s most well respected mediums (many from England’s renowned Arthur Findlay College) including Tony Stockwell, James Van Praagh, Andy Byng, Colin Bates, Martin Twycross, Rev. Janet Nohavec, Josef Siegle and Lee VanZyl.

While aware of spirit as a child, it wasn’t until after a profound spiritual awakening later in life that Chris developed his abilities to communicate with spirit. He has studied the spirit world and paranormal for over 20 years.

Chris is a husband and father who lives in a New Jersey suburb outside of New York City.

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