In this episode of Beyond the Microphone, host Adam Baruh sits down with Jamie Truman, the host of the Truman Charities Podcast, and co-founder of the Truman Charities Organization. The organization has raised over $1.7 million for several charities over the past 14 years.

Key Points Discussed:

– The importance of delegating and time management in podcasting. Most podcasters have other careers, jobs, families, and kids, and finding a balance is crucial to avoid burnout and become one of the “pod fade” statistics.

– The inception of Truman Charities. Jamie shares how her father’s passing and her husband’s family history with leukemia led to the creation of the organization. They started small, with a party at their house, and it grew into a large-scale operation that has raised significant funds for various charities.

– The challenges and benefits of being a 100% volunteer-based organization. Jamie discusses how they manage costs and maintain good relationships with venues to ensure that all donations go directly to the charities they support.

– The journey to starting a podcast. Jamie talks about how the lockdown due to the pandemic led them to think of new ways to continue supporting and marketing for the organizations they work with. The podcast serves as a platform to raise awareness about different organizations and the issues they are facing.

– Lessons learned in podcasting. Jamie shares her experiences, from the initial mistake of not recording an interview to realizing the importance of not sending pre-determined questions to guests. She also mentions the importance of outsourcing tasks and using tools like Buzzsprout and Descript to streamline the podcasting process.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in philanthropy, podcasting, and the intersection of the two. Tune in to hear more about Jamie’s journey and the impactful work she’s doing with Truman Charities.

Mentioned in this episode:

– Truman Charities Podcast
– Truman Charities Organization
– Buzzsprout
– Descript
– Empower for Herd Network
– Strongest Hearts
– Building Homes for Heroes


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