In this transformative episode of Beyond The Microphone, host Adam Baruh sits down with Alyssa Rocco and Pamela Rueda, co-hosts of the “My Badass Recovery” podcast. Delving into the depths of overcoming addiction, the duo shares their personal journeys of battling self-sabotaging behaviors and the power of recovery. This conversation sheds light on the importance of addressing shame, embracing vulnerability, and the incredible strength found in sobriety.

Key Points Discussed:
– The inception of “My Badass Recovery” podcast and the unique dynamic of co-hosting.
– Alyssa and Pamela’s personal stories of addiction and their paths to sobriety.
– The role of shame in addiction and the transformative power of vulnerability.
– The mission behind “My Badass Recovery” to empower others and address societal stigmas.
– The concept and themes of the upcoming season, featuring expert guests and authors.
– The intersection of codependency and addiction and how it shapes their coaching and podcast content.
– The use of the podcast as a tool to attract clients to their coaching program.

Timestamps:[00:00:00] Introduction to PodTask and the benefits of streamlining your podcast workflow.[00:01:00] Adam Baruh introduces the episode and guests, Alyssa Rocco and Pamela Davenport.[00:02:00] The story behind “My Badass Recovery” and its impact.[00:03:00] Alyssa shares how she met Pamela and their decision to work together.[00:04:00] Pamela’s journey from kidnapping survivor to sobriety advocate.[00:05:00] The decision to create content focused on empowerment and transformation.[00:06:00] The challenges of co-creating and learning to share the lead.[00:07:00] Adam shares his personal experience with shame and its effects.[00:08:00] The conversation delves into the deeper aspects of recovery and self-discovery.[00:09:00] The importance of compassion in the healing process.[00:10:00] Alyssa discusses her multifaceted battle with addiction and finding a spiritual solution.[00:11:00] The duo’s approach to selecting podcast guests based on intuition and resonance.[00:12:00] The connection between their podcast and coaching practice.

– “Addiction brought us to our knees, inviting us to transform our lives through recovery.” – Alyssa Rocco
– “When you speak truth about your own life and shed light on your own story with honesty and vulnerability, people around you give themselves permission to heal.” – Pamela Rueda

Resources Mentioned:
– “My Badass Recovery” on Apple Podcasts
She Recovers: A non-profit organization for women in recovery

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