In this moving episode of Beyond The Microphone, host Adam Baruh speaks with Dr. Mya Fields, an educator and grieving mother who has turned her profound personal loss into a beacon of hope for others. Dr. Fields shares the story of her daughter Hannah, whose life, though tragically short, inspired the creation of the Hey, Hannah podcast. This conversation delves into the therapeutic power of podcasting, the lessons Dr. Fields hoped to impart to her daughter, and how she’s using her experience to help others navigate grief, embrace growth, and build a meaningful life.

Chapter Markers:[00:00:00] – Introduction and Reflection on Podcasting[00:03:00] – The Shift from Broad to Niche Topics in Podcasting[00:05:00] – Introducing Dr. Mya Fields and the Hey, Hannah Podcast[00:07:00] – Dr. Fields Shares Her Story and the Memory of Hannah[00:10:00] – Finding Hope and Emotional Strength After Loss[00:13:00] – The Journey to Creating a Podcast[00:15:00] – The Mission Behind Hey, Hannah[00:17:00] – The Therapeutic Nature of Podcasting[00:19:00] – Lessons and Values Dr. Fields Wishes to Impart[00:21:00] – Format and Guest Experts on Hey, Hannah[00:23:00] – Addressing Misconceptions and Challenges[00:25:00] – Debunking Misconceptions About Women and Time Management[00:27:00] – Personal Discoveries Through Grief and Podcasting

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