In this insightful episode of Beyond the Microphone, host Adam Baruh explores the evolving landscape of podcasting tools and time management, emphasizing the role of AI in streamlining podcast production. Adam shares his personal experiences with PodTask, an AI-integrated platform that aids in content creation. Later, Adam engages in a fascinating conversation with Jodi Krangle, the voice behind the Audio Branding podcast. Jodi delves into her journey from voice acting to podcasting, the importance of sound in marketing, and the art of active listening in conducting engaging interviews. Tune in to discover the warmth of the podcasting community and Jodi’s personal growth through her podcasting experience.

Chapter Markers:

[00:00:00] – Introduction and Adam’s Insights on AI in Podcasting

[00:03:00] – The Impact of AI on Podcast Production and Time Management

[00:06:00] – PodTask: Automating Show Notes and Episode Hooks

[00:09:00] – Jodi Krangle Introduction and Background in Voice Acting

[00:12:00] – The Origin of the Audio Branding Podcast

[00:15:00] – Jodi’s Transition from Music to Podcasting

[00:18:00] – The Importance of Sound in Our Lives and Business

[00:21:00] – Evolution of Jodi’s Podcasting Techniques

[00:24:00] – The Significance of Active Listening in Interviews

[00:27:00] – Jodi’s Discoveries in the Podcasting Space

[00:30:00] – Personal Discoveries and Growth Through Podcasting


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If you’re inspired by Adam’s and Jodi’s insights into podcasting, or if you’re looking to improve your own podcasting process, be sure to check out PodTask for streamlined podcast management and innovative marketing tools. Don’t forget to visit the Audio Branding podcast to explore the power of sound in marketing and branding. Connect with us on social media, share your thoughts on this episode, and subscribe to Beyond the Microphone for more in-depth discussions with podcasting professionals.