In this insightful episode of Beyond The Microphone, host Adam Baruh sits down with Jody Maberry, the host of The Jody Mayberry Show and a former park ranger turned branding expert. They delve into Jody’s transition from the great outdoors to the podcasting studio and explore the evolution of podcasting from its early days to the present. Jody shares his experiences with targeted daily engagement, his approach to interviewing, and how his park ranger storytelling skills have influenced his podcasting and consulting work. This episode is a treasure trove for podcasters and brand marketers alike, offering a blend of personal stories, professional wisdom, and practical advice from a seasoned podcaster who’s seen the industry grow firsthand.

### Show Notes:

**[00:00:00] Introduction:**
– Host Adam Baruh introduces the show and discusses the importance of targeted daily engagement for podcasters.

**[00:03:00] The Art of Engagement:**
– Adam explains targeted daily engagement and how to organically grow podcast traffic.

**[00:04:00] Guest Introduction:**
– Jody Maberry is introduced, his background as a park ranger, and his podcasting journey.

**[00:07:00] Time Management in Podcasting:**
– Jody and Adam discuss the challenges of time management and avoiding burnout in podcasting.

**[00:11:00] Jody’s Park Ranger Experience:**
– Jody shares his experiences as a park ranger and how it led to his podcasting career.

**[00:15:00] The Jody Mayberry Show and Creating Disney Magic:**
– Jody talks about his podcasts, including the popular “Creating Disney Magic.”

**[00:17:00] Evolution of Podcasting:**
– The conversation shifts to how podcasting has changed since Jody started.

**[00:21:00] Interviewing Techniques Over Time:**
– Jody reflects on how his interview style has evolved over the years.

**[00:24:00] Storytelling as a Park Ranger:**
– The connection between park ranger storytelling and podcast interviewing is explored.

**[00:28:00] Brand Consulting and Podcasting:**
– Jody discusses his consulting work and how it ties into his podcasting experience.

**[00:31:00] Behind the Scenes:**
– A look into Jody’s work with other podcasters and attending podcast trade shows.

**[00:33:00] Advice for New Podcasters:**
– Jody offers advice for new podcasters on attending trade shows and networking.

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