Cassandra Robinson

In this episode, guest Cassandra Robinson discusses her journey of emotional courage as she left a challenging corporate environment and began developing a new role as a writer, influencer, podcaster, and brand strategist for Christian entrepreneurs and creatives. The strength she developed as she overcame her fear of failure and vulnerability is an experience many are having in this time of The Great Resignation when millions of workers are making a choice to do something different, to branch out on their own. This is a time of great change in the workforce as more and more people realize they would rather leave their jobs than work for a job that wasn’t the right fit.

This episode, Wading Into Discomfort, is the first of a two part series. Be sure to listen to part 2, featuring guest Kristin Taylor.In Part 1 of this two-part series entitled “Wading Into Discomfort”, Cassandra Robinson shares her journey of overcoming challenges in her pursuit of an IT career to where she is at right now as a podcast host and creator of Grinding in Grace along with her work as a Christian Personal Brand Strategist.

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