In this episode of Beyond The Microphone, host Adam Baruh welcomes back Samantha J, a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, author, and host of the Illuminator podcast. They dive deep into the world of podcasting, the journey of personal growth, and the importance of embracing both our strengths and insecurities.

Key discussion points in this episode include:

1. [00:01:00] – The importance of interview formats in podcasting and how to structure them effectively.
2. [00:02:00] – Adam’s advice for new podcasters on how to conduct interviews and create engaging content.
3. [00:03:00] – Samantha J’s journey from feeling like an outcast to becoming a successful entrepreneur.
4. [00:04:00] – Samantha’s experience with wealth and success and how it led her to seek internal fulfillment.
5. [00:05:00] – The concept of internal drama king or queen, and how to navigate through self-doubt and insecurities.
6. [00:06:00] – The importance of recognizing and accepting our own worth and how it can help shape our entrepreneurial journey.
7. [00:07:00] – The role of ego in our personal and professional growth.
8. [00:08:00] – The significance of bridging spirituality and materialism in entrepreneurship.
9. [00:09:00] – Samantha’s take on purpose and profit, and how they can coexist in the entrepreneurial world.
10. [00:10:00] – How to value your brand and services effectively.
11. [00:11:00] – The role of manifestation in attracting the ideal client.
12. [00:12:00] – Samantha’s three books, Stand Up Speak Up, Build Your Empire From The Inside Out, and Illuminator, and how they represent different stages of personal and entrepreneurial growth.
13. [00:13:00] – The relaunch of Samantha’s podcast, Illuminator, and its focus on lived experiences and overcoming adversity.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to delve into the world of podcasting, entrepreneurship, or personal development. Samantha’s insights are invaluable, and her journey is truly inspiring.

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