Rocio Perez, international speaker, best selling author, inclusion and diversity thought leader and trainer, believes that she was built for hard times and that the inconceivable blows that life threw her way, made her tough – made her resilient.

We invite you to listen to the remarkable story of hope and endurance as Rocio shares how she made her way from horrific child abuse and neglect to being a 12 year old runaway, to soon after becoming a mother at 15.

What she learned along her journey, she shares, was that she, and she alone gets to choose what she believes is possible, not what others tell her: whether that was her education, parenting, career or even her health. She embraced that ultimately, she was responsible for her own healing through taking courageous action and stepping out of her comfort zone, knowing that if she was not scared, she was not learning and growing and leading the way for others to do the same.

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