In business, we often have felt that there is a clear divide between who we show we are in a professional setting and who we are personally. People have felt that when they are at work, they should put out one persona, but at home they can be their true self. Guest Samantha J explains that the reason for this has been obvious: in order to advance in business and be promoted, we’ve felt that in the workplace it should be all about the work. Yet here we are, in 2022, recovering from a pandemic, learning how to better work together rather than focusing on what divides us, with global political issues happening right before our eyes.

Perhaps the greatest changes we are witnessing are the changes happening within business. The Great Resignation is a mirror that is reflecting back to us the ways in which we have been failing as business leaders. We have often fallen into traps of not letting our instincts drive our behavior. But when we can learn to let our authentic selves show up, when we can learn to recognize the sabotaging drama queen and king within us, when we honor what makes us unique, we then can solve the numerous issues our society is currently facing.

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