In this episode of Beyond the Microphone, host Adam Baruh sits down with Sarah St. John, a podcast producer, author, and host of the podcast, Frugalpreneur. They discuss the ins and outs of podcasting, from getting started to monetization strategies.

Key Points:

1. The episode kicks off with a discussion on podcast hosting platforms, with a special mention of Riverside and its advanced features.

2. Sarah shares her journey into the podcasting world, which started as a marketing avenue for her book ‘Frugalpreneur’ and evolved into a full-fledged podcast.

3. Sarah talks about her new venture,, an education platform for podcasting.

4. The conversation shifts to podcast monetization, where Sarah shares her experiences with sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and creating products or services related to the podcast.

5. Sarah provides insight into how she approached potential sponsors directly, leading to successful partnerships.

6. They discuss the concept of joint ventures and how they can be a win-win situation for both parties.

7. Sarah shares the evolution of her podcasting journey, including the types of episodes that resonate most with her audience.

8. The episode wraps up with Sarah reflecting on her personal discoveries through podcasting, including the friendships formed and her ability to actively listen and keep the conversation flowing.


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– Podlab (launching Oct 1 2023):