Today’s guest is Darren Edwards. Darren is a former mountaineer and Army Reservist who sustained a life-changing injury in 2016 that forever changed his life. The near-fatal climbing accident would leave him permanently paralyzed from the chest down. With determination, grit and positivity, Darren has overcome adversity by becoming a Disabled Adventurer, Expedition Leader and Motivational Speaker. What you are about to hear is a story of exceptional resilience. What you are about to hear will truly blow you away. Darren has refused to let the word disability define him and he has committed his life to challenging the perception of what those with disability can, in fact achieve. In this episode you hear about what he considers to be the 6 Fundamental Pillars of Resilience: Perspective, Gratitude, Purpose, Importance of Writing Your Story, Positive Action Mindset and Controlling What You Can Control.