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In this episode of “How I Made It Through,” host Kristin Taylor has an enlightening conversation with intuitive guide Christina Brinkley. Christina shares her insights on the importance of healing and spirituality, particularly in the face of global tragedies.

Key Discussion Points:

1. Christina emphasizes the importance of daily clearing of one’s energy field, which she differentiates from meditation. She explains that this practice helps not only in personal growth but also contributes to the collective healing of the planet.

2. She discusses the concept of collective pain and how it serves as a portal for healing. Christina encourages listeners to bear witness to the collective pain without taking it on, and instead use it to spark personal healing.

3. Christina addresses the reactions people have to collective tragedies, including those who look away, deny, or get caught in debates. She encourages listeners to engage in their own emotional work rather than getting caught in unproductive debates.

4. The conversation also touches on the topic of reincarnation, with Christina suggesting that our souls carry pain from past lives that we need to process and release.

5. Christina stresses the importance of feeling both joy and sadness fully, explaining that true joy can only be experienced when one is willing to walk through the fire of pain.

6. Lastly, Christina makes a distinction between being an activist for social justice and getting caught in endless online debates. She encourages listeners to follow and build upon the work of well-informed activists, rather than engaging in distracting and unproductive arguments.

Christina Brinkley is an intuitive guide who believes in the power of individual healing for the collective good. Through her work, she aims to change the trajectory of our planet.