In this episode, host Adam Baruh sits down with Jay Aigner, host of the podcast The First Customer. They discuss the importance of video in podcasting, the journey to acquiring your first customer, and the balance between running a business and hosting a podcast.

Key Points:

1. The importance of video in podcasting: Adam emphasizes the importance of video in podcasting not just for the content but also for the marketing aspect. He shares how incorporating video has been a game changer in promoting his podcast and attracting more listeners.

2. The journey to the first customer: Jay shares his podcasting journey and the concept behind his show, The First Customer. He talks about the challenges and triumphs of starting a business and acquiring that first customer.

3. Balancing business and podcasting: Both Adam and Jay discuss the challenges of balancing their roles as CEOs and podcast hosts. They share their strategies, such as delegating tasks and streamlining processes, to manage their time and responsibilities effectively.

4. The role of virtual assistants: Jay discusses the role of virtual assistants in his podcasting process. He shares how they handle tasks such as scheduling, editing, and posting on social media, freeing up his time to focus on the creative aspects of his show.

5. The evolution of the podcasting process: Jay shares how his podcasting process has evolved over time. He discusses the importance of continually tweaking and refining the process to ensure efficiency and sustainability.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in podcasting, entrepreneurship, and the journey to acquiring your first customer. Tune in to hear more about Jay’s experiences and insights.


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