In today’s episode, you will meet Jennifer Wallace. Jennifer is a neuro-somatic intelligence coach for brain based wellness, as well as a trauma informed psychedelic integration coach. Her podcast, Trauma Rewired Is an extension of her belief that healing behavior change and then the life you desire are entirely possible through the foundation of a safe nervous system. Jennifer shares how for her, a diagnosis of breast cancer served as the portal to her awakening and healing. She candidly shares how she came to understand the dangerous role that stress and trauma played in her life over the years, and how she not only learned the tools to become more regulated herself, but how she has made it her life’s work to share this vital information and practices with others. Moreover, Jennifer shares her belief that we are spirits in human form. We are spirits who take on a 3D human body for which the nervous system serves as the operating system. She shares how this operating system controls every single one of our life experiences – from respiration and digestion, all the way to our ability to experience joy and connection to others. With this framework, she teaches her clients easy and simple daily practices – drills that can help us to finally feel regulated, balanced and most essentially, safe. It is only when we experience safety in our nervous systems that we can ideally perform from a place of wholeness to all of who we are.

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