Today’s guest is Shayna Renee Hammond. Shayna is the Founder and CEO of Lead for Liberation and IndigoWomen.

Shayna and I met a couple of months ago when we were both guests on Dr. LaMarr Darnell Shields podcast, Sound Balming when he hosted the 2nd Annual Empower U International Women’s Summit.

When she showed up on that panel – when she shared her mind and her heart, her wisdom and her spiritual connection and depth, I just knew that I wanted to learn more about her and learn more from her.

Lead For Liberation is a leadership development organization dedicated to guiding organizations, school districts, foundations, and communities to demystify and operationalize liberatory cultures.

Inspired by the success of L4L and her calling to raise global consciousness, Shayna founded IndigoWomen, a coaching and consulting practice dedicated to creating spaces, methods, and conditions for Black women in leadership to thrive. In this capacity, Shayna coaches individuals and groups of Black women leaders from around the globe in a spiritually-inspired and research-based coaching methodology created by and for Black women.

In today’s episode you will hear her story of returning to alignment with her values and her intuition as a business owner and leader when she found herself unexpectedly falling out of love with her work. You will hear what it took for her to find her way again and how that truly transformed everything: her connection to herself, her connection to spirit and her commitment to her mission to lead from a place of love and liberation.

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