All of my episodes are special to me, but this one is in a very unique way. You see, without my guest, Adam Baruh, this podcast would not exist. Adam is the founder and producer of EIQ Media and without his head for business and heart for making a difference in the world, How I Made It Through never would have been dreamed of, let alone executed with the care and professionalism that he beautifully orchestrates behind the scenes. Adam and I met in March of 2021 when he agreed to be my client. He was a dream client for me because of his commitment to growth, integrity, courage and healing that will forever move me. In our work together, Adam uncovered a painful episode from his childhood that changed how he saw himself and what he consciously and unconsciously believed to be true. With great courage and candor, Adam explores with us what a turning point this was for him and how one simple clarity in the definition of the words “guilt” versus “shame” served as a powerful catalyst for profound healing. In today’s episode, Adam openly shares his healing journey and how it led to a deep commitment to redefining leadership and what truly goes into creating a healthy workplace culture.

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