In this week’s episode, I get to introduce you to Jeannie Crowell. Jeannie brings a depth of character: in heart, mind and spirit. I experience her as a courageous explorer of the landscape of human psychology, neuroscience and spirituality – this is evidenced not only in the body of work she created over her career as a therapist, coach and business owner, but also in how she engages all aspects of who she is in this lifetime. In this week’s episode, she shares how from a young age, she somehow knew that life was not what it appeared to be on its surface. Although as a child she did not have words for this, as she grew older and survived episodes of trauma, she also had a number of profound spiritually transformative experiences – particular while in the wilderness – that both comforted and informed her awareness that we are never alone and that ultimately, love serves as the one reliable truth from which to source her life.