* Please note that between when this interview was recorded and published, “The Vintage Café Podcast” was re-branded as the “Crazy Thymes Farm” podcast.

Welcome to Beyond the Microphone, hosted by Adam Baruh. In this episode, Adam dives into the debate of whether or not to publish every interview conducted for the podcast. He explores the pros and cons of both sides, emphasizing the importance of considering the audience’s engagement and the podcast’s overall theme.

Our guest for this episode is Virginia Jones, the host of the Vintage Cafe Podcast. She shares her journey of starting her podcast, her experience with different hosting platforms, and how she balances her podcasting schedule with her homesteading lifestyle.

Key Discussion Points:
– The debate of whether to publish every interview conducted for the podcast [00:01:00] – Introduction of guest Virginia Jones, host of the Vintage Cafe Podcast [00:04:00] – Virginia’s journey of starting her podcast and her experience with different hosting platforms [00:05:00] – The challenges of maintaining a broad-themed podcast [00:11:00] – Virginia’s personal story of overcoming mental abuse and how it informs her podcast [00:17:00] – The power of journaling and gratitude in personal growth [00:25:00] – Highlight of Virginia’s podcasting experience with a guest from Answers in Genesis [00:30:00]

This episode provides valuable insights into the considerations of running a podcast, the power of gratitude and journaling, and the importance of surrounding oneself with positive influences. It’s a must-listen for podcasters and those interested in personal growth.


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