In this inspiring episode of Beyond The Microphone, host Adam Baruh sits down with Kevin Palmieri, the CFO, founder, and co-host of Next Level University, a top-rated podcast dedicated to holistic self-improvement for dream chasers. Kevin shares his personal journey from chasing external validations to finding internal fulfillment and the role podcasting has played in his transformation.

Key Points Discussed:

1. The Process of Finding Podcast Guests: Adam shares his insights on platforms like,, and for finding and pitching podcast guests.

2. The Mission of Next Level University: Kevin discusses the podcast’s heart-driven but no BS approach to holistic self-improvement, aiming to help people succeed across all aspects of their lives.

3. Kevin’s Personal Story: Kevin opens up about his past struggles with depression and anxiety despite external success and how a shift in perspective led him to podcasting and eventually co-founding Next Level University.

4. The Importance of Community in Podcasting: Kevin emphasizes the value of creating a community for podcast listeners to foster deeper connections and engagement, suggesting platforms like Facebook Groups tailored to the audience’s preferences.

5. Podcasting Discoveries: Kevin reflects on his realization that the podcasting industry is smaller than expected and stresses the importance of consistency and intentionality in creating a successful podcast.

6. Advice for Aspiring Podcasters: Kevin and Adam discuss the common pitfalls of pod fading and the significance of staying true to one’s mission and purpose beyond download numbers and monetization.

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