In this episode, Adam Baruh interviews Crystal Renae, a certified master mindset, spirituality, life purpose, and manifestation coach, and the host of the Divine Embodiment Podcast. They discuss Crystal’s journey through adversity, her path to self-love, and how she overcame impostor syndrome to find her true calling.

Key Points:

1. Crystal’s journey began with the loss of her mother and a series of unfortunate events, leading her to a place of self-discovery and the creation of her podcast, originally called Confidently Lit.

2. Crystal’s podcast evolved from Confidently Lit to Consciously Lit, then to Consciously Crystal, and finally to the Divine Embodiment Podcast, reflecting her growth and transformation along the way.

3. Impostor syndrome held Crystal back from consistent podcasting, but through introspection and self-awareness, she was able to embrace her authentic self and share her gifts with the world.

4. Crystal’s passion for human design and gene keys led her to create content around this topic, helping others understand the full spectrum of energy within each gate.

5. Overcoming challenges and setbacks requires a shift in perspective, focusing on the silver lining and taking inspired action.

6. The story of the Chinese farmer highlights the importance of seeing both the positive and negative aspects of life events, and how one’s perspective can shape their experience.

7. Consistency and determination are key in climbing the metaphorical mountain and achieving success in any endeavor.

Join Adam and Crystal as they dive deep into the world of personal growth, self-love, and the power of manifestation. Listen in to learn how you can overcome your own impostor syndrome and align with your soul’s true purpose.