In this insightful episode of Beyond The Microphone, host Adam Baruh sits down with Derek Goodwin, a seasoned podcaster with a journey that spans back to 2005. They delve into the evolution of podcasting, the importance of adapting and pivoting in the industry, and the unique challenges and highlights that come with running a podcast. 

Derek shares his experiences from his first show, Vegan Radio Podcast, to his current project, Don’t Forget Yoga podcast, emphasizing the significance of intentionality and passion in podcasting.

**Key Points Discussed:**

– The business side of running a podcast and the challenges of time management.
– Derek’s transition from Vegan Radio Podcast to Warrior One podcast and his latest venture, Don’t Forget Yoga podcast.
– The impact of the Grow the Show podcast accelerator program on Derek’s approach to podcasting.
– The importance of guest appearances on other podcasts for growth and exposure.
– Strategies to stand out in a saturated podcast market by honing in on uniqueness and specific audience needs.
– The personal discoveries and growth that come with being a podcaster.

**Resources Mentioned:**
– Vegan Radio Podcast
– Warrior One podcast
– Don’t Forget Yoga podcast

**Connect with Derek Goodwin:**
– [Don’t Forget Yoga Podcast](
– [Derek Goodwin Photography](


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