In this insightful episode of Beyond The Microphone, host Adam Baruh sits down with Elizabeth Garr, the creator and host of the podcast “What It’s Like To…” Elizabeth shares her journey from a background in journalism and documentary filmmaking to launching her own podcast. She discusses the challenges and joys of podcasting, the intricacies of interviewing a wide range of guests, and the impact of AI on the podcasting industry. Tune in to discover how Elizabeth curates experiences that allow listeners to vicariously live through unique stories and learn what it’s like to do things they may never have the chance to do themselves.

Show Notes:

[00:00:00] Introduction
– Welcome to Beyond The Microphone
– Host introduction: Adam Baruh
– Pre-interview discussion on the advancements and concerns surrounding AI in podcasting

[00:21:00] Guest Introduction: Elizabeth Garr
– Host of “What It’s Like To…”
– Ranked in the top 5% with a listen score of 32

[00:22:00] Elizabeth’s Background
– Transition from journalism and documentary film to podcasting
– The motivation behind starting her own podcast

[00:23:00] The Genesis of “What It’s Like To…”
– Elizabeth’s process for choosing topics and finding guests
– Starting with friends and expanding to cold calls and matchmaker sites

[00:25:00] Interview Challenges
– Handling experienced guests who have a set narrative
– The importance of authenticity in interviews

[00:26:00] The Art of Podcasting
– The balance between production quality and manageability
– Strategies for avoiding burnout and maintaining a release schedule

[00:27:00] The Importance of Storytelling
– Elizabeth’s belief that everyone has interesting stories to share
– The role of the host in drawing out compelling narratives

[00:28:00] Marketing and Promotion
– Elizabeth’s perspective on the business side of podcasting
– The ongoing challenge of effectively marketing a podcast

[00:31:00] Memorable Interviews
– Elizabeth recalls a powerful conversation about alcoholism and recovery
– The impact of raw, emotional storytelling on listeners

Closing Thoughts:
– A discussion on the future of AI in content creation
– The need for human connection in podcasting despite technological advancements

[00:32:00] Outro
– Thanking Elizabeth Garr for her insights and stori