In this episode of Beyond The Microphone, host Adam Baruh dives into the business side of podcasting, discussing the challenges and strategies for making a podcast sustainable and potentially profitable. He shares his personal experiences with his first podcast, The Change, and insights on setting intentions for podcasting efforts.

Special guest Hailey Rowe, a health coach and host of the top-ranked Health Coach Nation podcast, joins Adam to share her journey into podcasting, the highs and lows of her career, and the strategies she uses to help health coaches grow their businesses.

Key Points Discussed:

– The balance between passion for podcasting and the business aspect of sustaining a podcast.
– The importance of intentionality in managing time and resources for podcast production.
– Hailey Rowe’s transition from a corporate job to starting her own coaching business and podcast.
– The significance of mindset and overcoming perfectionism in podcasting.
– Strategies for using virtual assistants to streamline podcasting workflow.
– Hailey’s FAST framework for marketing and business growth for coaches.
– Personal and professional highs and lows experienced by Hailey, including a devastating hack of her Facebook group and the thrill of interviewing a high-profile guest.
– The power of podcasting in building relationships and networking within your industry.
– Personal growth and discoveries made through the journey of podcasting.

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