Dr. Lori Hollins is a seasoned medical professional with over 25 years of research, practice, educational, and administrative leadership in the obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive endocrinology and infertility, and andrology disciplines.

She is embarking on new territory as a film student at Second City Film School to tell stories that matter through comedy and humor.

As a creativity coach she helps professional women in transition in their lives and careers, re-discover or discover a new mindset and meaning to live their dream life, using the tools of comedy, humor, imagination, improv, and storytelling.

As a result of a blood clot, Lori’s life was transformed, teaching her that the block was not only physical, but emotional and spiritual too. She learned to live with greater courage, saying yes to all of her gifts; those of an artist, a storyteller, a comedian and that of a woman who speaks her truth unapologetically.