Welcome to another episode of Beyond The Microphone. I’m your host, Adam Baruh, and today we’re diving into the world of storytelling, personal branding, and the journey of self-discovery with our special guest, Sara Lohse, co-host of the podcast Branded.

In this episode:
– Adam discusses the transformational impact of Descript on podcast production, sharing insights into how it has optimized the workflow for Beyond The Microphone and other podcasts he produces.
– Sara Lohse opens up about her accidental podcast guesting on “Stacking Benjamins” and how sharing a personal story about a bad tattoo led to a deeper understanding of the value of storytelling.
– The conversation pivots to the collaborative and supportive nature of the podcasting community, with Sara highlighting her experiences of partnership over competition.
– Sara recounts her solo trip to Ireland, a pivotal moment in her life that taught her the importance of emotional courage and independence.
– The discussion touches on the unique ability of podcasts to create intimate human connections, especially in a world where face-to-face interactions have become less frequent.
– Sara and Adam explore the concept of authenticity in podcasting and how being genuine can drive stronger connections with audiences.
– Sara shares her journey from the finance industry to podcasting and how her experiences have shaped her approach to content creation and personal branding.
– A special mention of PodTask, a platform designed to streamline podcast workflows and enhance marketing efforts for podcasters.

Don’t miss this insightful conversation with Sara Lohse as she shares practical strategies for enhancing your personal brand and the power of authentic storytelling in podcasting. Tune in to learn how even the most seemingly insignificant stories can resonate deeply when told with sincerity and heart.

Episode Resources:
– Branded Podcast – Hosted by Sara Lohse and Larry Roberts – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/branded/id1688188127
– Descript – Podcast editing software – https://www.descript.com/?lmref=Kyc9Mw
– PodTask – Podcast management and marketing platform – https://www.podtask.com