We all know and can relate to the five senses: smelling, touching, tasting, seeing, and hearing.  But in the words of our guest today, “Empathy is like one of our senses. Intuitive and present, standing by whenever we want to tap into it.”  In my own experience, I’ve found this to be very true.  As an empath, I have a heightened ability to feel the emotions of others.  And so, it is very much a core sensation in my body: and the more I’ve leaned into empathy, the greater my sense of self-awareness.  As a business leader and CEO, I’ve found that my qualities as an empath have been vital to the success of my business.  This has been true for how I’ve been able to relate to my team and also in how I’ve been able to relate to my customers.  In working with eCommerce businesses, it’s pretty important for me to be able to truly understand the motivations driving my customer, and also in understanding how users will interact with the web pages we are building.

Here to talk with us about empathy and how it shows up in our personal and professional lives is Rob Volpe, CEO of Ignite 360.

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