In this episode, Adam sits down with Barbie Moreno, host of the podcast Mental-Hell, to discuss her incredible journey from postpartum depression and alcoholism to healing and podcasting.

Show Notes:

1. Barbie shares her personal story, which includes her struggles with postpartum depression, the shame associated with it, and the lack of awareness and understanding around it. She discusses the impact of societal pressures on mental health and the need for more open conversations on the topic. [00:02:00]

2. Barbie talks about her experience with alcoholism as a coping mechanism and how it led her to a breaking point. She shares how this prompted her to seek help and eventually led her to AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). [00:12:00]

3. She discusses the role of mindfulness in her healing journey and how it helped her regain control over her life. Barbie also talks about how her experience inspired her to start her own podcast, where she could share her story and help others going through similar struggles. [00:20:00]

4. Barbie and Adam discuss the societal shift towards better conversations around mental health, particularly postpartum depression and shame. They talk about the impact of the pandemic in bringing these conversations to the forefront and the role of celebrities in advocating for mental health. [00:28:00]

5. Barbie shares her thoughts on the future of mental health conversations and the importance of keeping the momentum going. She emphasizes the need to stop celebrating people for their achievements at the expense of their mental health and well-being. [00:36:00]

6. Finally, Barbie talks about her decision to leave the corporate world and dedicate her life to advocating for mental health. She shares her experience of starting a podcast, writing a book, and coaching people to help them navigate their mental health struggles. [00:45:00]