In this episode, we discuss re-invention and what it takes to pivot a career or brand as you or your idea evolves. Guest, Lindsay Pinchuk, did just that, after growing her company to a base of over 3 million users. With $500 in her pocket and a baby on the way, Lindsay left her high-powered job as a magazine publishing executive and founded her first company, Bump Club and Beyond. She turned a profit in year one and less than a decade later, led her company’s acquisition.

Re-inventing oneself whether it’s with your career, or personally, is something many people go through…and it can be a very scary and vulnerable experience. In earlier generations, it was common to go to college, land a job, and stay within the same profession until retirement. However, many people today will go through a few different careers before retirement, and for many the idea of retirement itself is hard to grasp.