In this episode of “How I Made It Through,” Kristin Taylor interviews intuitive guide Christina Brinkley. Christina shares her journey of discovering her psychic abilities and developing her unique healing process called “Soul Journey.” She talks about how her gifts were awakened, the challenges she faced, and how she found mentors to guide her along the way.

Key Points:

1. Christina’s psychic awakening in 2020, where she started having intrusive visions and was able to help her brother find his lost dog using her newfound abilities.
2. The importance of validation and support in the early stages of Christina’s psychic journey, including her therapist’s suggestion to find a mentor.
3. Christina’s experience during the pandemic, feeling overwhelmed by her abilities and the emotions of others, leading her to seek guidance and mentors to help her understand her gifts.
4. Learning to access her Akashic records and discovering her ability to help others through their soul journey.
5. Christina’s guides and their roles in her healing work, including the medicine woman, the grandfather, and the two sisters who appear during a soul crossing over.
6. The importance of consent when working with clients and checking in with their higher selves.
7. Christina’s advice for those who are starting to open up their psychic abilities: honor your experience, validate what you see, and practice regularly.

This episode is a fascinating exploration of Christina Brinkley’s psychic journey and her development as an intuitive guide. Through her Soul Journey process, Christina helps individuals release limiting beliefs and resistance, allowing them to live their best lives. Her story is a testament to the power of intuition, support, and personal growth.