In this episode, Adam Baruh interviews Jaimie Beebe, co-host of the podcast “Strictly Stalking,” which focuses on the stories of stalking survivors and the intricacies of stalking laws. Jaimie shares her journey into the world of true crime podcasting, her passion for helping stalking victims, and the challenges of monetizing a podcast.

Show Notes:

– Introduction to Jaimie Beebe and her podcast, “Strictly Stalking”
– The importance of passion and curiosity in podcasting
– Jaimie’s background and interest in true crime
– The decision to focus on stalking as a unique subject in the true crime genre
– The shortcomings of stalking laws and the need for better protection and resources for victims
– Understanding what constitutes stalking and the different forms it can take
– Tips for staying safe in a highly connected world
– The process of developing the podcast concept and finding a balance between Jaimie and her co-host, Jake Deptula
– The division of labor between Jaimie and Jake in producing the podcast
– Monetizing the podcast through sponsorships and collaborations with other podcasters
– The importance of download numbers and listener engagement for attracting and retaining sponsors
– Jaimie’s advice for aspiring podcasters: focus on your passion and be open to collaboration

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