In this episode of Beyond the Microphone, host Adam Baruh welcomes guest Kristin Morrison, a successful entrepreneur, business coach, and podcast host. They discuss the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset, avoiding burnout, and the power of journaling.

Show Notes:

– [00:00] Introduction and welcome to Beyond the Microphone with host Adam Baruh.
– [01:30] Discussion on the importance of mindset and avoiding burnout in podcasting.
– [04:10] Strategies to manage and balance work-life, especially for podcasters.
– [06:40] The importance of journaling and self-care in maintaining a healthy mindset.
– [09:00] Introduction of guest, Kristin Morrison, successful entrepreneur and podcast host.
– [13:50] Kristin shares her journey from running a successful pet sitting business to becoming a business coach.
– [16:20] The importance of maintaining a strong relationship with oneself through journaling.
– [20:10] The impact of location and environment on mindset and work-life balance.
– [23:30] Kristin shares her experience of scaling her pet sitting business and eventually selling it.
– [27:00] The transition from pet business to coaching other business owners and starting her own podcast.
– [30:00] The concept and process behind Kristin’s podcast, Business Pathfinder.
– [33:10] The importance of authenticity in podcasting and coaching.
– [35:30] The challenges and rewards of starting a podcast.

Remember to check out Kristin’s podcast, Business Pathfinder, for more insights into the world of business coaching.