In this episode of “What I Wish I Knew” with host Irene Ortiz-Glass, we welcome Rhiannon Neuharth, a certified functional nutritional counselor and a board-certified health coach. Rhiannon shares her journey into genetic testing, sparked by her daughter’s health issues.

Key Discussion Points:

1. Rhiannon’s journey into genetic testing: Rhiannon shares her personal journey that started with her daughter’s health issues and how it led her to the field of genetic testing.

2. Understanding MTHFR: Rhiannon explains the importance of the MTHFR gene and its role in methylation and detoxification of our bodies. She emphasizes the need to look at the overall body function rather than isolating issues.

3. Rhiannon’s approach to genetic testing: Rhiannon discusses her approach to genetic testing, focusing on how genes can guide lifestyle modifications, nutrition, and supplementation.

4. The impact of genetic testing on stress management: Rhiannon and Irene discuss the importance of understanding how our bodies break down stress chemicals, and how genetic testing can aid in this understanding.

5. Hormone therapy and genetic testing: Rhiannon emphasizes the importance of understanding how our bodies use hormones before deciding on hormone therapy. She discusses the role of genetic testing in this decision-making process.

6. The Genetic Test Rhiannon uses: Rhiannon explains the genetic test she uses in her practice, which provides a comprehensive blueprint of an individual’s genetic makeup. This blueprint can guide lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, and supplementation.

This episode provides valuable insights into the world of genetic testing and its potential role in managing health issues, particularly during the perimenopausal transition.