Today’s story is particularly personal and meaningful to me. As someone who has lived with Lymphedema for 25 years, it is a profound honor to introduce you to Cam Ayala. In this episode, we will share what Lymphedema is and Cam will open up about his journey of living with this chronic and progressive disease. He will share his story of discovering how he had primary lymphedema at the age of 11, how he endured as a teenager, college student and navigated the disease into young adulthood — surviving multiple infections and 16 surgeries — and finally, how his “lymphedema coming out experience” was edited and distorted publicly for the sake of a storyline on the reality TV show, The Bachelorette.

However, the real story is far more inspiring and compelling. The real story is of a man who, alongside the Lymphedema Education & Research Network (LE&RN), has committed his life to the Mission to fight all lymphatic diseases, to have better treatment, education and research and ultimately, to one day find a cure.

Cam’s words of wisdom for anyone who is battling Lymphedema:

“It is so important to hold firm in your Faith in God; because he will give you the strength even when you feel weak. With Lymphedema good days and bad days are inevitable. When you have those difficult moments, trusting in God will give you the courage and peace to not let your Lymphedema win.”

Just Keep L-Y-M-P-H-I-N

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