In today’s episode, I get the honor of introducing you to Melissa Chureau. Melissa is both a lawyer and a mindfulness coach. What I love about her story is that in so many ways and for so many people, I imagine it will be quite relatable. Unlike the other guests on the show thus far, Melissa is not sharing an epic story of loss or trauma. When conceiving of this show, I very much wanted to include stories of ‘making it through’ that normalize the stories of simply being human, which on most days is hard enough. What I hope for as the host, is for my listeners to recognize themselves in the stories, and in so doing, feel inspired to care for themselves with greater awareness, insight, care and compassion.

In today’s episode, Melissa provides just that roadmap. She opens up about feeling like a perennial outsider in her formative years, and how the experience of unwarranted self-doubt — otherwise known as imposterism — showed up for her and sometimes still does (as it does for most of us). I invite you to listen as she elegantly articulates how learning about and practicing mindfulness has allowed her to respond, rather than react when imposterism surfaces in her life today.