In this episode, I speak with guest Karese Laguerre about the challenges that parents have faced the past couple of years. During the early months of the pandemic, many parents were forced, literally overnight, into essentially becoming teachers as their kids’ education went remote.  On top of that, many parents still had jobs that required their attention.  With the loss of sleep, dealing with laundry and cooking, and making sure the bills get paid…it’s no joke that parenthood is the hardest job one will ever have.

The workplace has, historically, not been a great environment for people to share with their co-workers about personal challenges.  This can leave parents feeling isolated, burned out, and suffering a level of anxiety they’ve had to keep private.

Karese Laguerre, a myofunctional therapist based in West Palm Beach, Florida.  We talk about parenthood, how to get better sleep, eliminate burnout and execute goals.

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