In this episode of What I Wish I Knew, host Irene Ortiz-Glass interviews Bill Faris, a professional Christian counselor. They delve into the topics of mental health, suffering, healing, and reconciliation. Here are some key points discussed:

1. **Mental Health and Menopause:** Irene discusses the deep connection between menopause and mental health, highlighting that 40% of women going through perimenopause and menopause are more likely to suffer from suicidal thoughts and depression.

2. **The Role of God in Suffering:** Bill explains that God is present in suffering, even though His presence can sometimes be a mystery. He encourages listeners to seek God in their suffering rather than questioning why they are suffering.

3. **Reconciliation with the Past:** Bill discusses the importance of reconciling with past hurts and traumas. He highlights that reconciliation is about mending and repairing things that were separated and broken.

4. **The Process of Healing:** Bill describes healing as a process that includes removing what is harming you, repairing the damage, restoring what was lost, redeeming the situation, and revelation – thanking God for the hardest things you’ve been through because they’ve brought you closer to Him.

5. **Bill’s Book:** Bill shares about his book, “How Healed Do You Want to Be?” which lays out the process of healing in a series of steps. He also mentions his YouTube channel where he has a series of classes that cover the same principles from his book.

This episode is a deep dive into the journey of healing and reconciliation, offering hope and guidance to those navigating their own paths.


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– “How Healed Do You Want To Be” on Amazon

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