In this episode of Beyond the Microphone, host Adam Baruh welcomes Jenilee Samuel, a mom, pastor, wardrobe stylist, and the host of the Java with Jen podcast. Jenilee shares her journey into podcasting, her struggles, and how she managed to become a top 1% podcaster.

Key Points:

1. Jenilee shares her initial challenges in podcasting, including learning about SEO, RSS feeds, and different types of microphones. Despite these obstacles, she was able to launch her podcast and grow her audience.

2. Jenilee emphasizes the importance of authenticity in podcasting. She believes that your unique perspective and life history can resonate with your audience and differentiate your podcast from others.

3. Jenilee explains her podcast production process. She uses Spotify for podcasters, where she records, edits, inserts ads, schedules her episodes, and promotes them on social media.

4. Jenilee discusses the importance of planning in podcasting. She created her own planners for episodes, social media, and monetization, which she provides to her students.

5. Jenilee talks about the growth of her podcast. She shares that it was a slow and steady incline, and she often questioned if her efforts were worth it. However, she was motivated by her “why” and the positive feedback she received from listeners.

6. Jenilee shares a tip for new podcasters: don’t underestimate the power of SEO. She noticed an increase in her podcast plays when she added a subtitle to her podcast title. She also suggests going back and retitling old episodes to boost findability.

7. Jenilee also shares about her new venture, the Imagine Media Podcast Network, which she created as an extension for her students who want to continue to study and grow in podcasting.

This episode is packed with valuable insights and tips for new and seasoned podcasters alike. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow your podcast, Jenilee’s journey and advice are sure to inspire and guide you.


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