The idea of a work/life balance seems like a relatively young concept. In the older, traditional business model, there was an expectation that you start out in your career and throw yourself at your job with long hours and personal sacrifice in order to get promoted and eventually reach an executive level that would provide more freedom within your day-to-day. Yet, more and more people today are challenging this model…the old paradigm of work your tail off until you retire doesn’t seem to align with today’s generation that emphasizes enjoying the journey along the way.

As the majority of workers shifted to working from home when the pandemic started, the line between work and home blurred. As a result, it has become increasingly important to find a way to blend our personal and professional lives in a way that allows us to keep centered…rather than feel burned out, isolated, or overwhelmed.

Our guest today, Kristel Bauer, is an advocate for building harmony between our work and home life. Through her platform, Live Greatly, she emphasizes the importance of empathetic leadership, mindfulness, resilience, and stress management.