In this episode of What I Wish I Knew, host Irene Ortiz-Glass shares her insights into the menopause transition and the importance of awareness, education, and support for women going through this life phase.

1. Irene starts the episode with the significance of October as World Menopause Awareness Month and October 18th as World Menopause Awareness Day. She emphasizes the need for education and awareness about menopause and its transition period.

2. Irene announces the release of her book, “The Body Whispers Before It Screams,” on October 18th. The book is a comprehensive guide for women going through perimenopause and menopause, providing them with the necessary information to handle this transition phase effectively.

3. Irene shares excerpts from her book, discussing the struggles and the silent suffering that many women experience during perimenopause. She highlights the lack of education, awareness, and support from healthcare professionals and the financial burden of seeking help.

4. Irene talks about her mission through her book, podcast, and mental coaching practice – to educate, empower, and give hope to every woman suffering in silence.

5. Irene shares statistics about menopause, emphasizing the need for non-traditional, holistic approaches to healing that consider the whole body system.

6. Irene shares another excerpt from her book, discussing the wilderness of perimenopause and the loneliness that many women feel during this period. She emphasizes that the menopausal transition can serve a purpose if women are willing to explore the terrain.

7. Irene concludes the episode by encouraging women to seek answers for themselves, to advocate for their health based on solid science and education, and to share their experiences without fear or shame.

8. Irene invites listeners to visit the website,, listen to the podcast, and share it with others.


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