Today’s guest is Johnnie Davis – an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, success coach and the author of the empowering memoir and Amazon best seller, “I’m Still Here; From Heart Failure to Heart of a Champion.”

At the age of 34, a fit, healthy and athletic Johnnie unexpectedly came down with sudden, confusing and progressive medical symptoms that left him debilitated. When he finally arrived at the emergency room, he was told that had he waited just twenty-four hours, he would have expired. With no family history or any lifestyle predictors, Johnnie learned that he had congenital heart failure and would be lucky to make it to 50. In 2012 he became a sudden cardiac arrest survivor – having been clinically dead for 16 minutes. His near death experience or NDE, taught him not only what it means to die, but what it means to live more fully. He now lives without any fear of death – having heard the words of God – and is purposeful in his energy, focus and time, living by the creed; “If it does not evolve me, it will not involve me.”

I am so excited to elevate his story and in so doing, elevate our gratitude for the precious time we have on this planet – reminding us to live it with a heartfelt and soulful appreciation for what really matters, as well as minimizing any fears we might harbor as we all one day face our own death.

You can connect with Johnnie directly on Instagram @mrjohnniedavis or at