Franco is a Top 10 bestselling author, clairvoyant, spiritual coach, and speaker.  His first book is titled “The Closet Spiritualist” which was inspired by a near-death experience that left him clairvoyant.  Abilities he was unwilling to recognize until an Awakening in 2010 where he was re-introduced to a collective consciousness known as Caleb.  A Voice that has been guiding him since he was a young boy.

Franco is currently writing his second book titled “The Modern Day Alchemist” which looks at our future from the perspective of God Consciousness. A science of the mind that is only now being revealed to humanity for the purpose of creating “heaven on earth” in the coming decade.  Franco holds two master’s degrees and is co-founder of MyNurish, a formulator of powerful, superfood and plant-based nutrition for the body, mind, and soul.

Book Synopsis:

Many of today’s spiritual teachers rarely share the raw and intimate details that led to their personal enlightenment.  An aspect of their humanity that would benefit the millions who are or will soon be “coming out” to their own, inner Awakening.   A bond that says, “I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there before.”  An ability to relate that is so profound that maybe, just maybe, it could inspire even the quietest or most isolated among us to greatness.

The Closet Spiritualist chronicles the true life story of Franco Romero who, as an infant, had a near-death experience that would leave him clairvoyant.  Abilities that would introduce him to a collective consciousness as a boy and a friendship with an inner Voice that would last a lifetime.  But along the way, Franco would face many trials and tribulations as he grappled with his spiritual identity.  An identity crisis that would lead him on an inner quest for the Truth regarding his purpose here on earth and humanity’s destiny with its own Awakening!

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