Jeannie is a Master Coach certified in Executive, Neuro, and Behavioral  Change Coaching with specialties in mental health, higher and alternative education, and corporate leadership.  

Her career as a teacher, counselor, and coach began when she was hired as an art teacher and wilderness therapy guide for at-risk youth inspiring her to innovate a series of internationally recognized programs and services in the field of transformational change. 

Over the course of 40 years, she has created, branded, and operated two niches, and multimillion-dollar businesses which allowed her to acquire an invaluable education that can only come from experience. She has had the good fortune to train and be mentored by top talent in the coaching industry who instilled in her the power of establishing a brain environment that is primed to achieve goals, overcome challenges and thrive. Using this approach she has successfully coached over 500 people to achieve their goals. 

As a leadership executive, she has facilitated over 25 workshops on how to build teams and implement change management strategies. As a brand strategist, she has helped people take their ideas and turn them into viable business opportunities and provided ongoing mentorship. 

During her years as a coach trainer, she developed a Coaching Training and Development Program which has graduated over 100 coaches. This 7- Step brain-based coaching model applied the latest neuroscience,  neurobiology, psychological, and systems theory research to generate transformational and sustainable change for businesses and individuals,  applicable across multiple industries and a wide range of personalities. 

She currently lives in Bend, Oregon with her partner and two, very silly  Golden Retrievers where she enjoys friends, a good sense of humor,  outdoor recreation, Italian cooking, creating multimedia art and music, playing tennis, and volunteering for an environmental land trust.