It is often through pain and suffering that we learn our most profound lessons. It is often through courageously exploring the inner landscapes of our lives and seeking healing that we transform, because much like the immortal words of Robert Frost, “The best way out is always through.”

How I Made It Through is offered as a survival guide of sorts; both as inspiration and encouragement to speak our truth, feel our feelings and share our unique and unifying stories “making it through” something challenging.

Season Two and beyond goes even deeper though; we inquire into the spiritual significance of enduring and learning from hardship. We do so by interviewing those who have a lot to say about what it means to be more fully alive and connected to our soul’s contracts. You will hear stories from people who have had Near Death Experiences, Past Life and Life Between Life Regressions, as well as psychic mediums, mystics, energy healers and more. If you are either curious or even consumed with delving deeper into what happens when we die, and how we can become more fully alive, then this is the show for you.