Shortly after realizing his lifelong dream of being a major league baseball pitcher—a “southpaw” for the San Francisco Giants—Dave Dravecky was diagnosed with a soft tissue cancer in the deltoid muscle of his pitching arm. After surgeons cut and removed a section of his deltoid muscle, Dave was told that outside of a miracle, he would never pitch again. Unwilling to give up his dream, he fought back—and fought back hard. Just nine months after surgery, Dave once again stepped onto the mound to pitch a winning game for the Giants. Our excitement of his comeback ended just five days later when Dave’s arm broke in mid-pitch.

The next years were a whirlwind of surgery, radiation, pain, depression, and eventually amputation—all in the glaring light of the media. It was a lonely, agonizing journey—more difficult than we ever could have imagined. We experienced the heights and depths of joy and despair, faith and doubt, intimacy and loneliness. But our journey of suffering was not hopeless. Through it we discovered the power of endurance—not in our own ability, but in the comfort, encouragement and hope that God provides.

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