Marla Levy

Marla has been blessed with the gift of her story. Her clinicians told her family that no other patient had ever survived such a dire situation as she was in. Yet, miraculously she survived three open-heart surgeries and was on the most aggressive form of life support for six days all within a sixteen day period. Her heart did not beat once for six long days.

Marla has been asked numerous times how she was able to beat the odds that no one else has been able to. Her answer is surprisingly simple – every person has the ability to do the same. She has dedicated her life to sharing her story that gives hope to those who have already given up, faith where they have limited themselves to what is humanly possible, and strength to keep going when there is absolutely nothing left in them. Her journey changes people’s perception of how they view things around them and allows them to have a new sense of perception, and gratitude for everything and everyone.

Marla’s story offers an instant metamorphosis of mindset which shifts the direction of so many people’s lives for the better. She reminds her listeners that they are not alone in their treacherous journey through life, and there is so much more beauty in people and the world around them than they could ever imagine.