Tim Perreira is a new(ish) entrepreneur after spending years in tech sales. After battling depression for 4 years, moving across the country 4 times and changing jobs every year, Tim Perreira realized the hard way that there was more to life and happiness than chasing commission checks and promotions.

Tim uses his experiences with mental health & wellness to help guys find meaning, feel great, and do more of what they love. He’s a mindset and wellness coach for men and has launched a sustainable activewear company making workout shorts from recycled ocean plastic – all focused on helping guys get healthy and happy.

In early-2021, Tim began writing every day on LinkedIn about men’s mental health and the response was incredible. Men started reaching out from all over the globe with a desire to create a better life for themselves.

Through his community and group coaching, Tim helps connect like-minded guys by helping them live a healthy life full of meaning and purpose. Leaning on his 15+ years of experience, he has created a holistic approach to wellness focusing on mindset, sleep, nutrition, and movement.

His way of making spiritual, vulnerable, and esoteric topics feel down-to-earth and brings together men from all walks of life.

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